Replacing Art Project – Lease of Art Works

“I am interested in art works, but I think that it is a little scary because I do not yet understand well to buy a work.”

I also hear a voice saying “Will not it be boring that we will not change only by decorating the work as long as I bought it?” We think that we will do what we can to deal with such simple questions.
If you would like to decorate contemporary art in the company’s workplace, please contact us.

Lease of contemporary art works will be done in the form of receiving lease payment on the premise of exhibition change from 3 times to 4 times a year. First of all, I will estimate and select artists and works according to their scale. If you decorate contemporary artworks such as entrance walls, conference rooms and the president’s office, I think that it will affect the corporate image.

Unlike mere work lease, it has a big meaning as a place for young artists to present works.

By all means becoming a registrant of YY ARTS, we would like you to save taxes while supporting artists.