Produce of The Art Space ”un petit GARAGE”

Next to the Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre in Higashi Ginza “un petit GARAGE”  was one car park.
When I decided to move to the new office, the owner of the office building  told me “What do you think I should do the car park?’’ In spite of myself, I said  ‘’Let’s make an art space!’’

When the space was completed and the first exhibition by Sakae Ozawa was held, I was deeply moved. It was because there was a nice space.

Thinking about it, it is a miracle thing to have an art space in Ginza.
I am sincerely thankful for this thing and decided to introduce powerful works and artists.

I would like to create the place where the artist can meet various people, and will think about the place that can decorate art works.
By all means, please come!

un petit GARAGE